Periodic Review Reports

According to the MSCHE’s policy statement (Cycle and Timing of Accreditation Review), “In the fifth year following reaffirmation of accreditation, all institutions submit a Periodic Review Report (PRR). At the time of initial accreditation, reaffirmation, or follow-up, the Commission indicates in its accreditation action the nature and timing of the institution’s next report. The Commission may thereafter grant reasonable extensions of reporting dates for good cause. It also may determine the type of evaluation visit which will follow the report; or it may await receipt of the report before deciding on the necessity or nature of a visit. The Commission’s review of a required letter or report, whether or not accompanied by a visit, constitutes review of an institution’s accreditation and is the basis for an accreditation action. The Commission’s accreditation action also may indicate specific areas to be addressed in the PRR or the next self-study in lieu of a follow-up report.”  The next Periodic Review Report is due June 1, 2020.

Periodic Review for 2009-2010

At its June 28, 2012, session, the Middle States Commission acted to accept the progress report, Statement of Accreditation Status, and to “remind the institution that the Commission must continue to be informed of any further developments that may result in changes in mission, programs, personnel, and/or budget arising from the institution’s investigation or that may result in a change of status with external oversight bodies, such as the NCAA, and to request that the institution provide to the Commission copies of all relevant reports from its investigation or to its external oversight bodies.”

On March 30, 2012, the University submitted the Commission-requested Periodic Review Report Additional Progress.

At its November 18, 2010, session, Middle States Commission acted to accept the periodic review report, Statement of Accreditation Status, reaffirmed accreditation, and requested a progress report (due April 1, 2012). The progress report is to document “evidence of further progress in: 1) the establishment of learning goals at the program level in all programs; and 2) the use of appropriate assessment of attainment of learning goals at the program level, including use of direct measures of the assessment of student learning and evidence that assessment results are used to improve teaching and learning (Standard 14).”

The University submitted its Periodic Review Report in June 2010.